Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mudding & Martini's

I just love the front of this old Jeep! It has been custom fit with many parts (very few still Jeep) to make it the mud slinging, hill climbing beast that it is. It also takes a very nice picture. I had a wonderful day on a big piece of land that boarders the Cahaba River riding around and enjoying the outdoors with friends. They were sure this city girl would not be able to handle the country but little did they know this set of city boots can handle it and loves it! My friends were especially delighted by the Martini's (Lemon and Cosmo) that I brought along for the ride.
Two funny quotes from the day, "You can take the city girl to the country but she is going to bring Martini's!"
Laura to her husband Chris, "Why do we not have seat belts and you do and we are smashed back here with the cooler?" Chris in response, "You guys are holding the cooler in place - priorities Laura, priorities!"
More to come of the beauty of the land but I thought I would share some of the fun first!

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