Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Few...

Of my favorite things! Since yesterday was Black Friday and I have that song stuck in my head here are a few things I bought, some for me, some for others and a few things already on my desk that make up this picture! I love that old lamp my mom had put back together, I love my Mac (a Christmas present from last year), I love my picture of Autumn and I from 2005 Easter, I love my snow globe of Birmingham, I love my picture from Amy Bailey's, My Scoop "My Favorite Things" party of the two of us, I love my picture of Leslie and Casey's engagement below that, I love my Barney's New York Catalog Wes gave me, I love those leopard print shoes Tony is going to turn into Ruby Red Slippers for me, I love my new silver chain belt that my mom will probably give me for Christmas, I love VOSS water (even though that is tap water and I am just reusing the bottle), and my new favorite color is purple so there is plenty of that in the form of a scarf, tights and fishnets! There is plenty more to show from Black Friday...but I can't...because they are presents for other people! Happy Holidays - May they be Merry and Bright!

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